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Mark Ward:
I have been working fairly consistently with Personal Trainers since 2000 through 2012. I have worked with Personal Trainers both inside and outside of the gym and have seen not only how my trainers have worked with me, but how other trainers work with their clients. Through my training history, I've had the fortune of working with some great trainers.

I have been working with Jobi Morrison since early in 2009 through present. My previous trainer had moved and I was seeking a new trainer. In speaking with Jobi the first time I can recall the passion that I saw in him regarding fitness, health, nutrition and in getting to know his clients. Once talking with Jobi you can easily see how much he cares for his clients as well as the believe in overall fitness.

Throughout my training with Jobi he is constantly learning. Looking at new techniques, trends, educating himself on health, nutrition, and related fitness concepts. He then evaluates and brings the best of these to his clients. Jobi takes the time with each client and every workout to develop a plan, which is part of an overall strategy, which is ultimately part of helping his clients achieve their goals. To do this, Jobi must get to know his clients, challenge their thinking and then help them define what they want to do and then he helps them achieve that.

Jobi is professional, attentive, and highly enthusiastic. He also focuses on safety. Many trainers obtain their certifications and deliver good value, but perhaps are not vigilant and focused on on-going safety, proper form and watchful for injuries, fatigue or the difference between a "lazy" client or an "injured" client. Jobi has incredible knowledge and insight to really understand his clients and ensures proper training and safety techniques are always present.

Let's face it, training, working hard and sweating is not always fun. And it's easy for us to get lazy, lose focus and motivation. Jobi brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and fun into his work with his clients. He is constantly find new ways to motivate, push and focus his clients on achieving their goals. He cares about his clients both in and out of the gym because he understands that it all relates to personal health and fitness, not just the hour that you spend together at the gym.

I highly and whole-heartedly recommend Jobi for your Personal Training needs. Whether your goals are strength training, rehab, overall health and fitness or some other targeted goal, working closely with Jobi, he will help you define, refine and then achieve those goals in a fun, professional and safe manner.

Bottom line - he's Great. Finding him as my Personal Trainer was one of the best decision's of my life! The lessons I have learned both in and out of the gym are truly immeasurable.

Rosy Casillas:
Jobi is encouraging and creative, he brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy and experience to the workouts. I am consistently and constantly challenged by new exercises. I am amazed at the time he puts to make a personalized workout schedule for each client. The care he puts in to ensure you do things correctly and get the most value from your exercise. Jobi enabled me do to things I was not able to do before. He has been my trainer and my friend and has always pushed me hard. Even though at times it felt a bit much the results where amazing and its incredible the things you can achieve if you just give it that extra push. Jobi has supported me and cheered me on in my fitness achievements. Jobi has an unending understanding and support both physically and emotionally. He is an excellent trainer and an amazing person. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for that constant push and support to achieve your goals, he truly cares. To him you are not just another payment you are like family.

April Layman:
Jobi Morrison is and has been my elite personal trainer since July 10, 2007. I came to the gym lost and bewildered not knowing how to operate any of the equipment. I requested for a trainer. Jobi came to me with a warm smile reassuring me that I was trainable. I was overweight, weak, uncoordinated, and not confident of my abilities.

Jobi began working with me twice a week and gradually increased my training time as I was able to build my strength and gain more stability. My body began to transform into a more womanly figure regarding weight loss and downsizing in inches.

I have the utmost respect for my elite trainer as he has continued to set and meet goals regarding his expertise in training other clients as well as continuing his formal education. This trainer has now made his dream come true by opening his very own gym, FITNESS COMES FIRST. I am honored to be a continuing client of Jobi Morrison.

I am expressing myself through a poem as follows:

This man came to me a while back,
Five years ago to be exact.
He wore a friendly smile on his face.
I knew then that I was at the right place,

Our paths had crossed for a good reason,
Season after season.
I asked him to keep me on task, take me under his wing,
And treat me as a worthy human being.

I began to have faith and confidence in myself as our long journey began,
Always knowing he had the upper hand,
He taught me so much about exercising in the gym challenging me
To grasp onto the next limb.

I have watched him grow with wisdom and knowledge beyond belief,
Opening doors for others to learn more and more deep into their core.

He has now earned the right to be the proud owner of his very own gym,
FITNESS COMES FIRST, so allow this man to turn your life upward bound.

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